Ice, Gifts, and Talents

No snow yet to speak of. Sleet. Ice...beautiful on branches. Roads fairly clear. Tomorrow, children home. Husband back to work. Another play.

Today. Pizza out with my family. Work on projects. Hot cider. Warm coffee (mine stinks...I got grounds in it...my husband just REALLY needs to make the coffee around here!)

Movies...part 3 & 4 of Anne of Green Gables...much war...hard for the kids to see and understand...hard for me to watch. Very emotional. Very "adult" problems. Anne grew up.

Staggering for a daughter who only read the book, I think. But, I suppose good for them to realize the pressures of adulthood for some.

Today. Guitar. Piano...first time in months to sit at home and just play. Just want to sing. Wrapped gifts. Dreamed. What ifs.

Tonight. Pondering deep things. Like...why people say that talents are of the flesh, yet gifts are of the spirit because talents can be done without the Spirit, whereas gifts only with the Spirit.

I see this. Yet, we are holistic. God is making us into all that we are, gifts and talents included. Either can point to self wrongly used.

We are to eagerly pursue the greater gifts. Yet...not eagerly pursue talents also. I think so! I think the law of the harvest comes into play. Invest all you have, not wasting anything, and more will be given you. Hide what you have, don't invest it, serve with it, look for ways to glorify Him with it, and well, the opposite happens. He says, "even what you have will be taken from you."

More and more as I do MasterLife, I believe we are less flesh versus spirit, but "flesh and spirit". To divide it all out and try to tag this as flesh and that as spirit seems like a mute point. We are all His. All of us. All He is making us.

I am seeking out input on this from mentors...not because I don't understand it. I think I do. It is in trying to grow and disciple new believers. Do we demean who God has already been making them to be by saying, "Oh, that's just a talent. We need to search for your 'gift'". Well, God values both and can use both. He can use anything He wants in us. We have to learn to thank Him and consecrate even the weaknesses He has left in us unperfected...for His glory. I really believe if they could not be used for His glory, somehow, He'd take them away.

Do we tell anyone to do a personality weakness test so that they will know how to best cooperate with God so that He can be glorified, even in their weaknesses? Why not? This seems more critical. The gifts will flow. The weaknesses we have to resolve to value and deal with correctly much more vigilently.

Talents...I look back over my life and see that so many things He's drawn me toward are wise and practical, but for where I am in my life...they do not fit. Why are they there? To glorify Him. I could more easily glorify myself ignoring them. Save myself time, energy, and effort. But, using the talents, I glorify Him more.

Example: sewing. I want my duaghter to learn the benefit of doing some things yourself. Of making a home. Of saving money here and there. Of caring for your family. Does is make sense? At times, no. But, I feel His pleasure in it, for me, for now, so I continue to learn and strive, and occassionally wrestle with a sewing machine. There are days it wins.

I suppose for too many years I had a different perspective. If only I could "be more spiritual". I'm just not sure now that is His whole plan. We are to be everything He has made and is making us to be...whatever that is. If it's a pull toward ice hockey...and He's leading. Run toward it, I say. If/when you have your spouse's/family's blessing.

Well, the uncrackling gas logs beckon. Your perspective welcome. Email ME or comment!

Good night,


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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I have never been encouraged to ignore my talents to pursue my gifts. That's a new one for me. Define what you mean by talents vs. gifts for me. I want to be on the same page. This sounds interesting.