The Other "S" Word Defined

Okay, throughout the net there is ONE history or definition of the other "s" word, repeated, ver batim, over and over at every informational site on the net with no supporting evidence or refernce. Hmmm. Very scholarly. The next time I do research on "profanity", I'll have to broaden my sources.

Words interest me...sorry, maybe I'm some for of a geek or nerd--but, not your everyday variety. (I take comfort in being a different sort of geek, so what's your point?)

Here it is, straight from "THE NET":

"Some vulgarities have emerged from nonoffensive words that become offensive in a particular context. The word broad is decidedly nonoffensive, but when applied to a woman (potentially connected to the idea of broad hips) becomes vulgar. The slang word sucks emerged from a nonoffensive word for suction, and became a serious profanity as "sucking" became a euphemism for fellatio. As sucks grew in popularity, and was prolifically used in nonsexual contexts, and alternative nonsexual expansions of sucks emerged ("that sucks like a vacuum", "that sucks zucchini") it became decidedly less offensive, and is today considered a "PG"-phrase".

So, I suppose it is a word our generation is comfortable with...subsitutes of worse. Caught myself saying "screwed up" today...same principle. Our MasterLife class last week asked us to evaulate how we can improve our speech. I couldn't think of a thing...I don't swear, curse (okay, an occassional s word if I'm really overtaxed, irritable and stump my toe or something), but I hate it and try to get rid of it. Usually, no response is needed. I'm just blowing steam..and I'm blowing steam because I have not developed any real tried and true gentleness and patience yet...which scares me to death...I know how God develops those. No! No! Teach me the easy way!!!!!

Wikipedia adds this interesting factoid:
Neurological facts
The human brain treats swear words more like "automatic speech" than usual words. Non-profane examples of automatic speech includes placeholders like "um" and "er." This is why you are more likely shout a swear word then a regular word when shocked/damaged. It also explains why suffers of Tourettes Syndrome and other brain damage treat swear words differently. Some people may, due to brain damage, lose the ability to speak/pronounce all regular words but retain the ability to swear. Some studies indicate swear words are stored in the right lobe of the brain, others indicate they are stored equally in both the right and left basal ganglia, instead of mostly in the left hemisphere, where language function is usually stored.

Well, there you go. Enlightened?


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Los said...

I need research on "Shut Up". That is one I don't like to say in front of the kids. Why does that one rub me wrong?
Keep typing.