Lover's Songs

Today I've got 80s lovers music going through my head, and it's all good, and it's all accurate.

Snow day. Lord, I saw that coming, but it's better than I imagined. THANK YOU!

Last night, fell asleep in front of the fire on some pillows for an hour or so. Mmmmm. Gas logs hiss...real fires crack and pop...but, you don't have to worry about one popping out on you and you catching on fire in your sleep! Trade off.

Got up, went to bed, ready to spring out at 6AM this morning to get to the theatre by 7. At 6AM, opted for a huge bubble bath to commemorate the finishing of the housecleaning and the success of the party finished. My back was tight.

Soaking...the phone rang. No school. No audience. Three shows today are off.

But, I was rested, so I didn't mind having gotten up. And I soaked. Water so hot you could boil the peel off a turnip.


Then, I went and fixed some leftover hot drink a friend brought last night...it was cranapple and a mix from The Biltmore house. It was absolutely Mmmmmmmmm.

Toast WITH butter, which we never eat. Apples. Raspberry Yoplait Yogurt.

I took it to hubby in bed, who decided yesterday to take a day off today, foreseeing bad weather. Good hubby! He had to go in for a while this morning, but it made for a slow, breakfast in bed, slow, easy, Mmmmmmmmm morning.


I love it, Lord. Oooooh. I love it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! And, Merry Christmas to you, too. You give me what I need.

Today, home with one girl. A movie day, thankfully (late taking movies back to the library we hadn't seen! Yes! Late fees pay off at times). Tape 3 and 4 of Anne of Green Gables.

I foresee finishing my one little scrapbook left on the school order while I watch, making a few more gifts, and having lots of girl time.

Oops... I hear the garage door. Hubbie is home. Eeeek! I slept in TOO late. Well,, there goes craft day and girl time, but it will be good...we'll see what plans he's cooked up for himself!


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terrible speller said...

I like your day. At least ya'll get snow as a reward for the snow. We are just getting cold boring rain. I feel warm from just reading your blog.