Memories of Thanksgiving 2005

Red burping in middle of extended family Thanksgiving prayer, and saying "'cuse me!" Hand squeeze from me. (At least he didn't say, "I burped." and the others reply, "Thanks for sharing"...something we worked on all last week).

Laughter all around afterward. I have no idea what was prayed.

Our Little Family Meal--"I'm Thankful for..." before the prayer answers:

Wonder Boy: "That we didn't live in a place with all the tornadoes and hurricanes and stuff like that. We are safe."

Red: "For ___________(something I don't remember!), and for you, Mom." Nodding at me with a wink. (I remembered that)."

Goldilocks: "For all the fun stuff we got to do this year, and for all the good meals and dinners." Aw, shucks!

Me: That Daddy did get to spend Thanksgiving Day with us after all...nearly all day, with very few calls. Aaaaah.

Daddy: "I think I am pretty blessed with one really wonderful family. I think you all are the greatest."

Continued typical drama during our family prayer with feet fights under the table over a balloon I hadn't realized was there tempting the boys. Prayer pauses: "Stop it, boys! We're praying!" Continue with gentle Thanksgiving Prayer voice. (God probably liked the balloon.)

Red LOVING the corn on the cob Mamaw sent, first thing he's WANTED to eat all day and I didn't have to count bites before he could be excused.


Mr. Wonderful telling me the dressing tasted "just like his Mom's--a keeper!" And that my "broccoli casserole tasted like the best dish at the potluck today". He ate two pieces of my pecan pie, too. I noticed. The edges were a little brown, but still pretty tasty! Ate two myself.

A good Thanksgiving. Next year, I'll add the mashed potatoes and gravy...maybe.


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