Order in the Court

  • Agenda Items: Finish typing and organizing recipes for school cookbook. Start thinking about holiday planning. Rest overall from holiday planning this week some--birthday burn out.
  • Focus on tying up loose ends. Keep household order strong.
  • Exercise faith in priorities and planning. No energy wasted, emotional or mental, second guessing. Walk strong.
  • Finish Boy Wonder's Science project on our day off tomorrow. Will take all day for him.
  • Today--Daddy meeting after work. Have speed supper ready.
  • Tonight: theatre practice 6-8.
  • Bible Study? Before noon today. I'll be ready to hit the fireplace spot and a good comedy by 9.

Hasta la vista! Hope you are having a well ordered, God-inspired, God-breathed day. Walk it out! The little things, the big things, the doubts, fears, joys, and celebrations...live it out strong! I pray this for you, all my friends, specifically blog ones today. May God order your day, strengthen your faith in His control, and bless you with a sense of joy and His favor. May you be blessed, even as you bless.


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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I think we are kindred spirits. This blog is hillarious and painfully familiar. I will admit, your schedule scares me away from having a third, a little. :) But I appreciate your honesty and can sense your joy and delight amidst the many responsibilities. God is so gracious, ever-present as we call out to him. So glad you have the wisdom to do that. Sometimes when I am bogged down I forget to look to Him and then wonder, "Why am I in a rut?" Pretty foolish, huh? Like the Israelites, His love is boundless and yet still looking around in self-reliance. Okay, I'm rambling. Enjoy your day. The pilgrim and indian costumes were adorable, by the way!