Headache. Splitting. Light hurts. Moving hurts.

But, today, a glorious and delicate blessing upon suprise blessing. Celebration. Surprise. Joy. Pride.

My Mr. Wonderful...bless his heart...working SO, so hard...missing so much today. God bless him and use him and fill him and heal him. He is so tired and spent tonight. Gone again.

Goldilocks just pulled another tooth. He missed it.
She also got up there today in her gold dress and "performed"...just GLOWed...What? My Miss Shy!? Where she'd go?

The light hitting her golden aura...a little joyful enthusiastic, half shy, half loving it, energetic bundle of an angelic being! I didn't even know they were singing today! A theme interp for heaven's sake! Absolutely adorable!

Now, when did she learn that?

"Mom, our 'praiseworship' time is every week!" Duh. Oh. I didn't know that! Tell me it wasn't from heaven!

If that wasn't enough, today she also took the perogative to go "take a stand for Christ" on her birthday at invitation time! All by herself, first line of the song, in front of 570 people! She's been talking her Daddy ito going with her for weeks. I guess the adrenaline just had her ready to "go!" After she stood there for a good while not really knowing what to do, you could sense: "Mom, do I have to stand here through the WHOLE song?" So sweet. My heart melted.


Erupted with joy for her, and through her today.

Christ: filling her, making her--before she is even fully His! Shaping her.

How beautiful you are, my darling! A chysalis bursting forth moment by moment,
astounding me,
surprising me,
catching my breath--
taking it away!
I am so "in love" with you today!
Every day...yes,
but overwhelmingly so today!

Glow! You are amazing. Beautiful in all you are becoming. I so love you.

------------------------------------*Such a full day!
We took another hayride today. A memorable one for me. None like it...ever!

A man's son owned the farm. The son died in a tragic carwreck last year. Devastating. But, in God's hands.

The father so happy to have us all out on his son's farm!

BEAUTIFUL...lakes, barns, colored trees.

Half way through, overlooking a lovely lake, the man stopped the tractor, shut off the engine, pulled out his camera, and said, "Now it's time for a picture". Celebrating! New memories for him to cherish and enjoy...seizing his joy! Beam!!!! Laugh! Be proud! yes! Laugh at kids making their ghost sounds. Yes! Thank, you, Lord...for new joy. Carrying on. Rising again. Comfort.

Filled my soul. Friends, all around. Fill, fill, fill. Over and over today! Wow.
Oh, Lord Jesus, you take my breath away today! I love you so much. Have I told you lately how much? I haven't. I do love you, my Lord. Thank you.


Closing service for Great Banquet tonight. Wow. Ragamuffins--yes! All tired, bedraggled, spent women...yet, so filled, full, overflowing! SINGING! SOLOS!? One very thin lady who had stringy, long, matted hair in a big hot pink clip trying to tame part of it. Looking so frail. Mentally challenge. She broke out into a hymn. Wow. Pure beauty and consecration.

I cried. God can do THAT? Shut my eyes. Holiness. A moment. An older african american lady, so unsure of herself, opposed to it all, fighting. Now, singing. Lifting high hymn in angelic, bold voice. Sure. God can do THAT? In three days. Fighting all the way...for us. I cried. He can! He did!

Another young Mom we've prayed and prayed for, "Rosie"...now my sister!

I can't believe it. I really can't. Oh, so hard to reach! To talk to! Reason with! Such a "thinker"...everything figured out...controlled...everything tidy and understandable and scientific.

Now humbled, broken, empty--ready for Jesus!

Wow. I cried and hooped and hollered and laughed! How wonderful! He CAN do THAT!

God is so good! So good, so good!

As an aside, her sister who lost her home in Katrina gave up her weekend spot of "filling" just hoping and praying her little sister would get off the waiting list and find Jesus at all. What sacrifice!

Tears in the morning....joy in the evening.


So, this week, I will do as one lady shared: I will not just have a basket of "fruit" OVERFLOWING where people have to peer deep down inside to see it. No! No looking up close! Some never get that close. A beautfiful fruit basket is what?, if not overflowing!!!!

Help me, Lord! I will. I will be there.


Ready. HElp me.

Planning ahead to be "more" for them, with them.

Not hiding.

Not running.

Not preserving self.

Not looking ahead or behind.

In the moment. Fully. Capturing it all. Being there. Nothing in the way you haven't healed, dealt with, handled! So I'll grant blessing, attention, esteem where you lead. Easy!

I need sleep. Make me more than I am -- for your glory and fame.

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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Dear Friend,
Sounds like God is renewing the wonderful joy and peace that He is so faithful and generous to share. I have missed my quiet time with Him 2 days in a row. So glad I read your blog tonight. I am reminded to slow down and draw near to Him and let Him minister to my weary body and soul.