Daily Log & Rare Paper Allergy

Today...one of those days, where, if I let it, would seem like a total washout as far as anything productive. When, as a mother, lists of things I've accomplished becomes necessary for sanity and survival.

Got up, fixed bagel, egg (hard fried), bacon and cheese for Mr. Wonderful...his daily request.
Egg over easy for Boy Wonder, toast, bacon, and milk.
Chocolate Poptart for Goldilocks. Milk. Helped her with Indian costume at the last minute.

Back to bed. Took a nap after being up until 3AM. Red slept until 9--praise my God in heaven above!

Bathed, found Goldilocks reader on the bar, which she loses recess for forgetting at home. So, got Red dressed, tore him from computer games, and took it to her at school. Nice Mommy.

Stopped at McDs for breakfast. Red's request. Nice Mommy.

Went to Wal*Mart for milk, bread, vitamins, children's sudafed (a seasonal staple at our home), and hairspray for husband. Want him to look good.

Came home. Crashed momentarily. 11AM. Napped...still hung over from late night. Let Red play Lego Stunt Rally instead of doing my computer work (today, school recipe book). Nice Mommy.

Got up, loaded dishwasher, emptied sink, got message to sing solo for Sunday. Finished Bible Study for the week...prayed, I mean, really prayed. Talked to the Lord...journaled, got some things out with Him...big questions...like, "How come people who are not 'disciplined' in their approach to Christianity and growth often look and seem more gentle, calm-mannered, kind, and smiling than me, a person who strives for it?' How fair is that?" Not that I'm one often consumed with fairness issues, but that one...annoying. Seems to me that he said something about pride developing more easily. Still thinking on that. I want more fruit, gosh darn it...especially the gentle part. I try. When I'm not being pulled at, yanked on, hit, fit thrown, and manipulated to death by three kids (and we're working on some of those issues that fray me this week.)

So, back to the awe-inspiring schedule. Tired again, ate some M&Ms and drank some Pepsi...a rough week--treat time. That time of the month. The great feminine fairy comes to remind me I'm a woman, I could still have babies should I choose another level of insanity. And, a mild form of labor ensues through which we continue on with our day, trying to act normal. A process the male race is in total ignorance about I am convinced. Uggh. Survive and make it until next week when hormones are sane.

Rehearsed the song for Sunday...one I've sang a couple times before. Trying to pray for divine inspiration to hit it, and me with it. I'm not one to sing a song more than a couple times usually, but when asked, you do it gladly. This one was sang at our worship leader's wedding...always puts a bit of pressure on to make sure I do my best. You hate for a couple to listen and think, "Gee, does she have to mascacre the thing?" So...we'll be working on that some this week.

Note to self...begin the whole Certain Dry treatment so as to avoid adrenaline and sweat overdrive customary to the territory of performing. Note to females...shaving before applying this product causes excessive and prolonged pain, a pain which cannot be assauged.

Now, praying bills on-line, one hour until child pick-up, daily walk with Boy
Wonder, and church supper/Bible study at 5. At which point, I'll probably be needing another nap.

How is it that we go full steam constantly, and things still feel only marginally in order. Piles of newspapers, papers, homework not found, readers not in their place, mail not read?

One thing I love about computers is the absense of paper litter. I can think of few annoyances I hate as much as paper everywhere...reminders to do this, that, the other...all piled up with the nonessential, the informative, the sale bill. Uggh. Piles on piles.

Some people take great delight in reading the daily mail, the newspaper. I just start itching like I'm getting hives just looking at the stack. It says, "Something more to do about more to do that you don't have time to do or the money to do, or the attention to give that you don't have to give." uggghhhuugghhhh. it's startingggggg....I need some Benadryl. Be back later. No wait...then, I'd have to nap (again) for sure!

I suppose there is no known cure for this rare form of "piles of papers to go through" allergy?!


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