Hospitality Crisis (Again)

Today. Wierd day. Nothing I planned seemed to fall in place.
Wal*Mart. Walked with Boy Wonder. Dealt with Flash.
Golilocks just lost her birthstone ring in the grass...will be there all night looking. I gave up. It's dark. I need to cook supper.

My other printer cartridge is dead...she's still printing green. Looks like her photo album may not make the birthday deadline. I'll try to work on what I can tonight.

I feel like this week is getting ahead of my...and it's Monday. Birthday party weeks always make me feel that way. What am I doing wrong with this whole thing? I just don't enjoy the planning part as much as I should. We still don't know what day, what theme, how many people, or what we are doing for sure...her birthday is Thursday. Does anybody else fall in this boat? So many Mom's seem to have this thing down and I'm still too far behind to enjoy it like I want to.

Again, any inspiration or commiseration is suitable here.


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