Nothing Exciting

Today, I am in flannel pajamas, a big terry cloth robe, watching my daughter snooze on the floor in front of a quiet, gentle fire. We "camped out" together last night, the boys sleeping over at Grandmas. I slept well...the kind of sleep I love to have--on occassion--with just enough discomfort for me to know I'm resting for a very long time. When I wake, it seems more than like 2 minutes since I laid down! I know I enjoyed resting. Not just down and back up to start all over.

I tried backing up my hard drive on my computer last night. Took Nero SIX HOURS to copy, compress, and confirm. Still, when I try to pull any file off of it, seems I have to resave it to my computer's hard drive to view it or use it? Not happy with that. We'll be overwriting or re-doing, or someothing today. I don't even know what my options are with that. I hate to take up the space for 5GB again! (Yes, I took that many pics in one year.) So, emailing Western Digital, waiting for a response.

In other news, our first complete run through with ins and outs at the Christmas Pageant last night. I was completely overwhelmed not really having a marked script to follow, not being able to keep them quiet enough in the back. A lot to follow. Whew. Keeping them quiet through all that is impossible.

First day of Thanksgiving Holiday. Man, it's good! If they could all be like this! Quiet. Very quiet. Right now, nothing to do...Tropicana No Pulp, Vitamin C in my hand...refreshing. Just makes me want to cry it feels so good. Nobody waiting for me to do anything. My husband didn't even wake me to cook breakfast (I thank him, but missed serving, too).

Starting to get questions about what I want for Christmas. As usual...I want things done. That blesses me more than anything else. If my husband took a day off, we organized the garage together, that would bless me. If we went on a trip to shop for furniture for like, several days, that would be great. If we got the kids all the winter clothes they needed, that would help me a lot. Upgrading the computer would be nice I suppose.

He showed me a peice of jewelry last night in a sale ad, but I didn't really like it. I didn't say so at the time because I was considering it. He likes to put a little peice of some sort of jewelry in my stocking. So, I need to think of something else I guess. This year, I lost the gold heart he gave me while we were dating. I'd give anything to have that back. It was beautiful. I wonder if I could find it online.

Well, I have no plans for the day. I don't have to cook all that much, and need to tackle my laundry room again...looks like the dryer vomited in there. I'll be looking forward to that. Daughter is starting to grind her teeth, means she'll be waking soon.

Lord, bless this day...show me what to do with it.

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