You know what I think I discovered today? That you can sabotage a perfectly wonderful day beating up no yourself for no good reason except that some friend had a bad month and took it out on you once. To prepare? Well, good luck trying to regain control. Let me know if you find it.

I've had a great couple days of true rest. Fun. Spontaneity. Good company. And thanks for helping me hang on to it everyone. Moving on...

Today, I found a blue jean jacket...I've really been wanting one. Got rid of my old one only for them to come back into style. It was too thick a denim and never to comfie.

I ran across a manufacturer's outlet going to visit my Dad and found one for 14 bucks! Teenage dept., but that's okay by me. Young at heart, I am.

It is a lot softer.

But, when I got home, one of the buttons didn't match! I thought, "Now how in the world did I miss that? An entirely different color!"

Oh, well, an original....was probably missing a button and they just threw random ones on there. For the price. I wonder if I could take it back...nah. Too far away.

But, then I got ready to go to church and as I was getting in the van, I saw what looked like a button laying in my seat as if it had fallen off? These are like anchored in, not sewn, so I was way confused.

On closer look, it was a button "cover", pressed on the sides! It had fallen off.

Then, I remembered the "random button" said "Land's End".

It was becoming clear: they can't sell the seconds as brand names, so they were trying to cover the name up. Well, don't you know I got home from church, took off all those button covers! They all match AND I know I found a Land's End steal! Then, I got to looking more carefully at the super comfie boot leg jeans I bought for 8 bucks.

Land's End, too! That explains the touch of Spandex and quality features.

I've never had anything from Land's...to expensive for me. But, I love to read the clothes descriptions: "The Perfect Jeans": you'll never want to own another pair of jeans. These jeans are made after many years of researching the perfect fit to be known as your very favorite pair of jeans. We are not joking. You will really want to sleep in these jeans they are so natural and fit so perfectly...in fact, we are thinking of calling them "More than Perfect Jeans". Go ahead. Try them on. You'll never be the same.



Tunz4Jesus said...

Hey Kiddo,
Sounds like you are hearing from God, now, not those lies the opposition tries to feed us. Not only does God love you, He likes you, He delights in giving you gifts, making you smile, seeing you turn to Him with gratitude and rejoicing. You know I am not saying don't listen if someone has a word of correction for you, but sister, don't let it destroy ya. That's not what God is about. He is about truth and resurrection, about becoming more like Him, not anyone else on this planet.
In Christ,

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Don't you just love a good bargain? I have never found a pair of jeans that I would want to sleep in...or travel in, or even wear all day. Maybe I will check out these "more than perfect jeans" and put them to the test!

Misty said...

Wow! You sound like my mother in law. She can find a good deal anywhere! I never can seem too--I should own stock in Wal-Mart. That's the only place I ever shop :)