Right now...Tortilla Scoops, Blended to a Fine Mush Salsa, and Sour Cream, with Diet Pepsi. Caffeinated. 11PM. I'm a dork. Slow to learn. Enjoying caffeine too much after not being able to handle it for a few years. Would be the equivalent of a beer for me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Well, today, I rebelled. Back to my roots. Took a day scheduled with "to dos", and instead, made some Christmas gifts for friends and family. Something my Mom always used to do. I never got her "rush" out of it, but I always beamed with pride with those who opened something homemade she'd took time to craft with them all in mind. She has 15 brothers and sisters, as I've said before, so money was an issue I'm sure. My Dad, 10 siblings, again...that's a lot of gifts.

When my daughter got home from school, she piped in, loving all the supplies. She made me a lovely Christmas present she wants to wrap up for me immediately. I can't wait to get it.

I'd tell you what we made, but some of you who will be recipients read my blog, so the suspense lingers.

My man, watching football, finishing work. Me, catching my breath, enjoying feeling a tad bit ahead for one blessed moment I thought I should record. Then, I'll go back to feeling like I'll never get caught up with things I should have done months ago...for one, painting! I'm letting it go. The season too precious with kids this young to be strained. As most of us know from the bedroom, dim lighting and candles does wonders!

Take a clue from two friends of mine who are "getting it", inspiring me right now. Find a way to do what you enjoy and schedule moments of rest. It's lovely.


Misty said...

Amen sister! I can also relate to the caffeine thing. I'm having more now--like two cups of coffee a day, and sometimes a cup of tea--woo!! Zoe handles it better now in the mommy milk, so mommy indulges more :)

esm said...

Glad to read your blog and know you are basking in your "moments" and memories. I wrote you a great e-mail the other day, but it was returned saying your mailbox is full. I know from your blog that not only is your mailbox full, but your life is full, your heart is full, and your cup is full! I will talk with you soon. I love you, friend.