75 Years

My Mother in Law is 75 today! Big party here tonight. I haven't known about this even but a couple days, so today's a big cooking day.

I just found her a gold necklace with a pretty filigree butterly pendant. Her first peice of gold jewelry besides her wedding band to my knowledge. Simple, lovely, giving farm people. Biggest hearted gift of hospitality I've ever seen. (She's been known to feed the UPS guy supper if he was running past dark.)

I'm making her a little tiny scrapbook with small pics from this year. Thanks CJ!!! Lifesaver. Time got way too tight yesterday for me to get all I needed. What a blessing!

Busy, busy today. Fun Celebration!!!

75 years. Wow.


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cj said...

75! Wow! I hope I am that active and up to the task when I reach 75.
Hope you have a wonderful party.