Warm Fuzzies

Friday night. Boy! God is good to me this week. Thank you, Lord, for those who've taught us how to restore the ambiguous "balance" somehow available out there to those of us willing to take a break from whatever intense things seize us and find it on occassion. Give it to one another. We so minister to one another...friends, spouses...

10:30 last night, my husband brings me one of my favorite "treat" cookies, what I call a "Derby" cookie from Great Harvest Bread Co., and his special brew of coffee fixed up just the way I like it. Mmmm. Perfect. A roasting fire. Home improvement TV (my fav? Debbie Travis' The Painted House .) Dreaming about our house together. Girlfriends tucked in after bubble baths, grilled cheese sandwiches, dress up, play "dates" with Titanic theme music demo from the keyboard in the background for their "dance". My little girl, growing up. Makeup. Lipstick...now, not playing dress up Cinderella, but dress up "date. Goodness.

Such a wonderful evening I didn't want to go to bed...wanted to bask in it. Up until 3AM, wanting to read my Bible a second, but just keeping it beside me, holding the leather for a minute with my eyes closed. Wow. I love the Lord and all the good things He gives us to enjoy. Hubbie came to drag me to bed, against my will. I had paroused a new magazine or two for inspiration for the holidays. Worked on a gift.

I love my man. I really do. When I'm wilting, he waters me. When I'm grey, he gives me sunshine. When I'm needing him, he drops everything to make the call, touch base...to restore my sense of "happy", to give me what I need. Our marriage class last Fall really helped us now how to regenerate each other and our love when life takes over for too long. Reminding us we need to invest in each other...15 hours a week, I think it was...the goal. What?! Yes. And you feel it, too, when you try.

You feel the "hero" part of marriage. Being rescued and rescuing. Relief. Joy. Fun. Surprises. Talks. Smiles. And all the other good stuff that gets even better when all is in order...or there is at least a concerted effort toward order all around.

My man. The weather report. The stats. The nitty gritty. Reality check. Practical. God sized things. Hard worker. Minister. Pray-er. Interceed-er. Striv-er.

It's been a good week. Next week will be even better!

Got so jealous with all you girls getting whisked away that I decided to whisk him away soon...a trip to wind down. Won't tell him a thing!


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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Sounds like a great start to a wonderful weekend. I am so happy for you! You needed a break!