Winding Down

11:15 pm. Chair cushions in the wash (forgot to put them in the first time the wash went through.) Scrapbook...24 pages done. Not as much as I'd hoped, but still, quite a marathon. I'll fill in the holes later. Ladybug cake made...a group effort, quite fun. Balloons delivered. My goldilocks reading over my shoulder. Yup, at 11:15.

When I was little, my Mom used to wake me after my brothers were asleep on rare occassion to share a treat with her...homemake french fries...a bowl of ice cream with her homemade fudge. So, she's heard the story so many times, guess what her idea of excitement is? So, she got Red to sleep and then slipped down for prepackaged chocolate chip cookies and fresh finger nail paint for her party I promised her. Time for her. Enough projects, "stuff", and worries. Who cares that the vaccumming and I never got to that laundry room? As my mom used to say on such occassions..."that's why they make doors". If I could only get my family to USE them.

Tomorrow is another day.

A dear friend emailed me today saying a friend came and spot cleaned her house for her son's birthday party tomorrow. Another kidney stone attack has had her down. My, how petty I feel in perspective of other people's lives! Order and planning is not my forte. I have to increase the creativity to keep me going enough to get more mundane done! So funny. I'm 32 and just realizing some things about myself.

We think we found a pony for rides...I am excited. She'll be so thrilled. I hope it works out. When does a mother wrap gifts, prey tell?


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