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Painful? Yes?! Because it took me so much pain to even begin to "get it" myself, being the "deep" person I am...and pridefully so (as opposed, of course, to shallow, disinterested, foolish, wasteful-- or so I thought-- categorizing all joyful people in a little box I liked to call "heathen". Did I say "pride". Yeah, well, not "proud" of it, just observing.)

God proceeded to take me to the best and worst of myself...all "deep" places. Know what? I wasn't too happy there! Not for extended periods of time. Nobody else around me was either! Whoa? Why not? Ultra spiritual one? Doesn't everyone flock to the "Christ-like" aura? Nope.

Who cares? Where's the joy?

Here you go...2006, find the joy!

My observation? It's not all about intensity. It's about connecting with people effectively, wherever they are. It's about intensity AND abandon...you NEED both, as do those around you.

Try on balance. Moderation. Joy. The WHOLE mix. Keep a mix! Maintain the mix! Focus AND balance. Try to keep from getting "out of whack" with obsessions...even spiritual ones. Obsess on Jesus...he'll show you how. Keep friends. Preserve what matters, nurture what matters...all the rest, well, God will make it more beautiful and intense than you ever could trying. Discipline...yes. Obsessing? No. Focused? Yes. Flat, unidimensional? No.

That's my take for 2005. As if I understand a thing...but there you go.

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