Storm Brewing...Again

With all the storm press lately, night time storms no longer comfort me.

I am awake, wondering what the tornado warning will become while my family sleeps. We are too far away to hear the town bell warning alerts. I need a weather radio I guess...but who wants to be wakened from a sound sleep every few minutes?

Been working on some Christmas cheer around here, hoping it will allow me to enjoy play time later...shopping, wrapping (always SO MUCH of it with a family of five!).

Friends on my mind tonight. Many who have little battles going on. Life to deal with. Adjustments. Hurt. Pain. Stress. Frustration. And I hurt for them. I want to make it all better. But, I can't...and I wouldn't want to if I could, not being all-knowing God. I just pray. And that's more than enough. God, be God. There is nothing else you can be...but BE!


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