Today...back to sleep for a nap in front of the fire watching daughter snooze. (She stopped grinding her teeth and feel back into deep slumber). Prayed. Held my Bible. Fell asleep. Phone rang...dear friend, saying "Happy Thanksgiving, going out of town for the holidays...didn't want to leave without saying Happy Thanksgiving!" Man, I love friends.

Remembering another conversation with a revitalized friendship yesterday...how nice it is to be able to swim deep waters, float on your back, ride some waves, and play water volleyball all in one conversation. You just leave feeling like it was good...all is well with the world. Nothing taken out of proportion or overanalyzed. Friends like that hard to find. Smiles. Lord, help me just be a friend who gives smiles. Who really cares about anything else!?

Today. We made a list, just of stuff we could do. Stuff we needed to buy. Daughter LIKES lists...MOTIVATED by list. CHECKING list. Tried copy and pasting files to new external USB hard drive instead of compressing...the way to go, but the timer for the amount of time it took to copy each file was our timer to race against. She's never moved so fast. She helped clean out the van, sweep the kitchen floor (sort of), and run to get things for me. Wow! Girls are GREAT!

She wanted to get the Christmas stuff out...I decided it was too early last week, the kids would drive me nuts for presents and I wasn't ready for that.

So, the STUFF is "in the house". I love it! Mainly because I don't have a lot of furnishings or furniture and this house is much bigger than the first three we lived in...the Christmas stuff makes it feel warm in every room. Like somebody lives here and loves to celebrate...and you know what? It's true! So many years in college, the holidays were a pain. I didn't have time for the tree and 21 hours and 2 majors and a new job and a pregancy and a marriage and trips home and money for gifts. But, to do without it? I felt guilty. Two days before Christmas, up went a Charlie Brown tree from my deceased grandmother...with many of her old wooden ornaments nobody else needed or wanted. Now? I treasure them. They are as prized as the Hallmark's mom gives me every year. And I put up a narrow tree for the kids in traditional colors with all their crafts and gift ornaments, and with my grandmothers ornaments, some given to her by her children over the years...all 15 kids. I love that tree.

Tonight, snow village houses up. Nativity started. Wreathes and bows laying everywhere. (I wish I'd gotten more painting done this year! Maybe I'll just do it now!)

Lunch today! Fun! A new pizza place with daughter with cartoons and GREAT pizza. But, smoke! Yeesh. The non smoking room was the room with no TV or cartoons. Helpful!

Went selling candles with her for school. Eight sold in 40 minutes. (She wanted braided pig tails because she thought she'd sell more that way. I think she was right! I wanted one!)

Furniture shopping. Still didn't like anything well enough to commit. But fun.
Growing in confidence and expressing what I like.

Library...looking for "Milly" books. Didn't find them. Did find another series we're having transferred here to pick up next week to start at bedtime. (I'm new at chapter books for kids. Liking it!)

Filled up with gas, got brake fluid level checked, air in tires, washed van, vacc'ed it, cleaned the windows inside (first time ever for this van...after a year of owning it) and scraped unidentifiable dried goo off the floor...looked like Tootsie roll. Melted blue crayon I can't move yet.
Well, hubbie says he probably won't make it to Thanksgiving dinner. Keeps getting calls from work. Uggh. Not fun. I'm tying to stay positive. Told him he's tasted turkey before. You know what? Brainstorm. I think I'm going to cook that little turkey breast I bought this week and some veggies for us for supper tomorrow night-- just in case. I

have some work to do considering it's 11:30 right now.

Off to make Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!! (And I've cooked like 1-2 turkeys, ever). How hard can it be?


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tunz4jesus said...

Happy Thanksgiving Blogger friend. Am thankful that I stumbbled across your blog, your site has been a good model, given me a lot of great ideas for spending time with my kids, too.
Love the laundry room line...think my dryer threw up!