We sang "Thank you for Loving Me" today for the second Sunday by Tommy Walker. Whew. There are some words to stick.

I think this Thanksgiving holiday, more than ever...I am enjoying. Wow. Not having all the paraphenalia of diaper bags and toddlers not just learning to scoot and walk to protect. And the best is? My brother's is just at that age. I get the best of both worlds.

For the first time, my sis in law was chasing the baby looking franctically focused, while I volunteered to do the dishes with Mom. Even the last few years when some things weren't so bad, I was ready to pass out from fatigue on the sofa by that point...and I didn't even cook!

So great to be feeling well, God at work in so many ways. Fantastic.

Yes, Lord, "Thank you for loving me!"


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