"Chicken Little"--Good One!

I am staying up later than I should tonight because I want to blog...to pray, I guess, in a form. To celebrate. Today has been a whole new day, as a friend told me it would be. "Tomorrow is another day." At the time, I said, "My thought right now is, unfortunatly, yes, it will be!" with a laugh. I'm not unthankful. I'm not sick. Life is good, in general, and God is good. But, guys reading...there are just days when female hormones are a pain in the rear end. I'm sure you are aware of this, in a round about way.

So, hormones are good...until next week, and I'll be whacked out for another three days, unable to see the sunshine. But, hopefully, more spiritually attentive. Hopefully, more apt to deal with anything that I'm doing to slow myself down any more than I already am. And hopefully, those low days help me remember all the things I can do to rise above...to be better. To be ready. To slow down. Do I like those days? Not my favorite side of myself, but without them? I would be less strong.

Today...we went to see Chicken Little. If you have young kids...go see it. It's got a point, a plot, it's funny, there's no new age weirdo Disney reincarnation or spiritually weird elements to it...some freaky and somewhat scarey aliens...but they, like every Scooby Doo episode, reveal their "true identity" later. I laughed my head off. My kids told me I was the loudest laugher in the theatre...it's true! I did get really tickled. It was creatively sharp and funny without being risque or having a lot of adult humor that is often inappropriate for kids movies. A great release to my week. The kids stayed after everybody left and wiggled to the music, doing laps around the theatre chasing each other, making shadows on the screen. I love my family. I love my husband for taking us...evening movie for 5 isn't cheap. I love my kids...so exciteable and loud and free!

Go see, Chicken Little!


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terrible speller said...

rejoicing with you to hear you are the "up". We hope to see Chicken Little soon. Have a great day.