Security Measures

Okay, so you guys are the greatest. I get the coolest comments on this thing and am meeting the neatest people.

I have to say that I've had some security concerns this week and am considering changing the blog address to remove our last name.

  • If you know my real name and location, please don't use it when you comment on my blog or I'll need to delete the comment. (That would make me sad!)
  • If you link to my blog locally and choose to reveal your location, no prob, but that would make it hard for me to link to you in a webring for security reasons. I have young kids and post pics, so it's a concern for me where it may not be for you.

Rationale: a friend called me this week and said there had been a murder up North where she used to live and it was related to the young lady having a blog and listed her real name. I've not found the story yet, but will search for it. As much as we know these things just happen in the world no matter what we do, we still need to be as cautious. I'm just considering it.

If you want to continue linking to my blog, I apologize for the inconvenience of having to correct the link. Let me know if you'd like me to send you the new link if I don't have your email by emailing me at this link: Me, Who, Else?.

All the yucky detail stuff!


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Tunz4jesus said...

Hey, Me,
I can't email off this site b/c of my computer securities and couldn't find your email from previous comversations, but if you change your address and want to, please let me know at my blog. Hope this evil thing that happened doesn't worry you, and if you see something I should be doing differently, let me know. Have the week off this Sunday so intend to invest prayer time for those leading. Thinking of you, Tunz