Family Pics

"Boy Wonder", First Day on the Mower Today! GREAT job!
Last Sat...the big SEVEN.
Our ladybug cake. Glamour Girl Hats. Party treat...Dad's Idea.
Miniature Horse Rides. Beautiful Day! 70s.
Now, 30s!
My beautiful kids and me. Gift: Bella Dancarella.
Special Note:
For those of you who did the ballet version...this ain't ballet!
I wouldn't recommend it for girls any younger than seven. In fact...more like 9-10 would have been my preference. Bella is adolescent. We are not! She loves it. Matching dance outfit...whoa! Just got me when Bella stripped out of her reporter blazer into a spaghetti string silver shimmer shirt and got down at the Bella jam party with all her party girls in front of all the other moms at the party. Yeesh. Little much for our seven year old, but as a whole, a fun video.

A fav pic of 2005.

From Boy Wonder's birthday party. Four wheeler romance...much like we began-- on the farm.

Red and I snuggling in a cool Fall. My little buddy. As Goldilocks tells me, "He's 'connected' to me right now." I think she means "attached", which she's heard me tell her Dad.

He 'wuvs' my coffee. Yep...good, coffee...a little in there somewhere under all the hazelnut creamer and sugar!

I've not posted pics in a while...a few of my favs from the last four weeks.

Couldn't resist posting before the season changes!

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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Love the pictures!! The kids are adorable.