Pilgrims and Indians

Okay, so I could not get to sleep until 3AM, but...

  • the scuffs are off the kitchen floor left over from somebody's boots from the party (thank you SOS Jr. Steel Wool pads...I don't recommend that on a good floor).
  • the laundry is at least up off the floor.
  • My computer is devoid of malware.
  • So there, three tasks done that I would not have wanted to do today. I'm so ahead of myself. HA! Very funny.
BUT, seriously, that put me in a good enough mood to tackle this: Pilgrim and Indian day at school. And aren't they adorable. I can't believe my son actually volunteered to be a pilgrim. Okay, so it's a Zorro hat...that helped I'm sure.

Mom brought over the adult sized Indian costume yesterday... family trivia here only meaningful to the dearest of friends, but she made it years ago. Special day of sorts...now all three of us have worn it, Grandmother, Daugher, Grandaughter.

I quickly altered it some with a waist seam this morning, still had to belt it to fit. Looks cute! Beads on the fringed clack when she walks...she couldn't decide if she liked that part or not.

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