Storms, Tornados, and Veggie Tales

Amazing how a day's plans can change. Catastophe for some can mean refreshment for others.

Had at least 19 severe weather alerts in my box today. I didn't see any of them until after the fact. My mom and husband both called and filled me in: Tornadoes, Flash Flood Alerts, Severe Thunderstorms. I was naseated, sick, and in general, iccked out in the bed not getting around so well. Fighting the latest bug.

Decided to go pick up my kids from school by lunchtime...heard the Red Cross had been alerted to be on standby. That seemed a little out of the ordinary. Hospitals here had been put on alert and ready status. Thought I'd at least keep from being out in the worst of when it was scheduled to hit--never really did except for strong winds. I took a pillow downstairs and camped out there sick to keep the kids from escaping and going back up the steps.

A cold front moving through here at 50-60 mph? Just insane. Winds sound like a howl still. Temps going from 75 degrees for the high to like 25 degrees for a low in 24hours. May see snow at this pace.

Was a huge twister 20 miles or so away, then another even closer an hour later. Much damage all around--mostly trees and mobile homes, a few businesses leveled. Tin thrown off. Safe and sound here. Husband even came home at 4:30. I feel like I've been on vacation he's been home so long today! I took some phenegran off and on all day. I have slept...oh, have I slept! Feel great...refreshed. Slowed down. Aaaah.

Now, bedtime, and I'm wide awake! Great time to tackle my laundry room. Tomorrow will feel fresh.

I forgot to blog about an announcement I got in my inbox last week. Anyone else excited to get to see the new Lord of the Beans movie out on video from Big Idea? If you've missed Veggie Tales, you've just missed one of the greater joys of life in my personal opinion, kids or no. The dry humor is just the greatest. I've never seen the Lord of the Rings...a little intense and long for me...I'm hoping this will catch me up somewhat--oh, go ahead, laugh! (Carol is scoffing at me, no doubt. She may never be able to read me again).

Well, these fingers are on to laundry. Exciting, I know.

Until tomorrow,

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Carlos said...

Good to see you stop by today. Looks like you are busy. Keep focused.
And thanks for the Christmas Post reply!!!