Holiday Joys

Sometimes as a Mom, it's hard to enjoy all the "holiday" for all the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

The baking, costumes, constant running, lists, menu items, things you are out of. I'm trying very hard to stay ahead of myself this year, but I always feel behind myself.

Today, baking, cooking, stirring, cleaning the kitchen...all day. Hopefully, ready for the kids "Thanksgiving Feast" at school tomorrow. Of which, they will all turn their noses up at all the unfamiliar.

And hopefully, veggies ready to take to family members Thanksgivings.

I still need an inspiring dessert for Thursday. Probably my husband's request: traditional pecan pie...nuts chopped, not whole.

I'm tired. Really tired. Zonked. Oh, Lord, help me respect the 24 hours in one day! You give me all I need for "life and good living". I will choose to celebrate while I'm here "doing"! I will joyfully rest when I'm weary. knowing others tire, too. I will enjoy my rest zones. I will take one right...NOW!


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