Bruised Fruit, but Fruit

Okay, blogger. So showing forth the great and mightly personality of Christ through the fruit of the Spirit...his manifest personality is much easier to take charge on when a woman is not struck with PMS.

I am tired, having bad dreams, reading too much into everything, prohibited from getting my work done to the point of extreme frustration today, and my knees are killing me from abusing them biking. My back hurts and is in knots.

But, today I called my Flash "Darling" throughout Wal*Mart, though he was whining throughout. I didn't lose my cool.

I was ready to exercise with my son and didn't get mad when he left me out of the track saying he had to go do 30 minutes of "business". Fortunately, it took less time than he anticipated.

I didn't get to do anything I planned today. But, I still had a favorite meal of my son's for supper to reward him for eating healthy the last two weeks. I planned to cook him a healthy dessert today. But, he didn't like it. Still...

Overall, I am thinking about getting cranky. It sounds the logical choice.

But, I will try to overflow with fruit instead, somehow...by the grace and might of Christ within me. Go MasterLife. Go Great Banquet...Go anything that will get me off my tail and shining like a light. No excuses. I want to do my job.


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