Today. Sunday. Mood swings. Prayerful. Overthinking. But, letting the week drain away. Concerns drip off until I am dry and ready to be filled with nothing but Him. Doubts addressed until I know my place. Fears confronted until faith takes charge...takes over, reigns.

Letting it all go.

Soaking...in sweatpants and a big baggy t-shirt and an oversided sweatshirt and cold feet...just because I like it that way in the Fall...soaking in a God bigger than me...a God, the one and only God, God who can answer prayers -- when it seems like the imposing or impending reality is oppositional to the goal I prayed for. He is still God. He still hears. He is still answering. And I have no need for tears that fall irregardless of this fact bigger than my reality. I know this!!!!

If anyone knows this, I know this! He has proven himself to me (though I didn't deserve to know.) He tells me who He is...in His time, because He just loves the dickens out of me!!!!!!!! He's so..............God. Yes. Who He says He is from time past until eternity. God. Mine. Maker of me. Sustainer of all things. Fixer. Fashion-er. Creator...creating. Making. Working...in my life.

Today, worship...the words of worship...so ministering to me. "Indescribable". Letting my faith grow...in spite of self-doubt, emotion. Fears. Worries. Need to know...control. No...just to trust, and serve, and be.

Question: (for those of you who have experience and wisdom, those of you whose husbands lead, and lead well, those of you who know about these things)

...how do you and your husband's ever find "margins"...
you know, the white space on the sides of the paper, top and bottom...
"margins" that allow things to be read more clearly,
give the eye room to rest,
give a feeling of order and "padding"
...how do you ever find those"margins" that really coincide with those your spouse?
I mean...this is truly becoming a mystery to me...
Lord, show me to order my life so that my margins fall where my spouse's fall.
Enough tag team!
show me how.
no emergency...
just wanting to do it better.

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