Kicking up Fall

The wind is kicking up Fall tonight! The kids will likely all be in my bed before it's over.

Today? Glad it's over, frankly. A series of frustrations.

Trying to keep my family out of my way, not very nicely, while I tried to "heal" my aging computer. Page after page of driver instructions and errors and more errors.

Cleaned it,scanned it, defragmented it--all that and still only 2 GB free space left.

So, my wrists hurt--still didn't get much accomplished.

Had to be done, but not a good way to spend a gorgeous Fall Saturday! It will rain tonight, all the leaves will fall off and be a mess, and I missed the beauty of today doing something I wish I'd put off...when to work, when to play...I don't know that I have that one figured out entirely. But I was rested and thought it was time to tackle something hard again. Missed my husband flying kites outside with the kids and playing on the trampoline. I should have stopped. But, once you start.

I needed to organize seven months of pics I've not touched hiding in KodakShare (great free program you can download online). Need to get started on catching my daughter's scrapbook up for her birthday--my motivator every year to hit it hard to have them ready for parties. Her's is a year behind. Whew. I have some work to do.

We ususally invite two friends to parties...she wants seven. Her age. Get this. She wants, so far: a party, on a school night (her brithday), and a sleepover-- the next night, AND a skating party...maybe, if we could. She shoots high!

I'm having a hard time working all this out for sanity...er, I mean, equity purposes.

Got nervous on this whole thing and decided to skip the family movie "Twelve Dogs of Christmas"? and start printing a few pics tonight...ran out of ink. She's green. Okay, so...

Tomorrow. Would be my band day, but a Sunday off...they are pulling in lots of people from the community for a special community service tomorrow for our 40 Days of Community Celebration. Sounds big. Will be fun. I will
miss my team. Seems like forever since I saw everybody last. So much has happened.

Well, hubbie got called in to work for a while, so I guess I'll see what pics I can find already printed and start creating (before the dryer buzzes.)
Ready...set...run like the wind Bull's Eye!


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Tunz4jesus said...

Mouse problems? me too, mine kept getting hi-jacked. I downloaded ad-aware
"C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware SE Personal\Ad-Aware.exe"
and spybot
"C:\Program Files\Spybot - Search & Destroy\SpybotSD.exe"
and they have taken care of the malware that caused my problem.
Because my computer is so old the antivirus protetion is able to keep up. I could pay to update my Norton antivirus, but I am cheap. I want to buy the new iMac g5 so I don't want to put more money into this. We try to operate on a cash basis so when I have enough saved I can make my purchase. Hope your computer recovers.