A Theme Has Emerged...rather, "ThemeS"

Well, Birthday...coming together. Thanks for the momentum boost CJ.

Today I decided on a non theme sort of theme:So, it's a My Little Pony-Strawberry Shortcake-Horse-Girly--Flower--Incredibles Theme.

We hope to find a pony for pony rides -- to measure up to the four wheeler silly string fight last month her brother managed to have without my planning it.

We decided on pizza. I'm making the cake (same one as last year...she LOVED it, thankfully, I think I can duplicate it....a ladybug she saw on the cover of a Kid's Party magazine.)

We drove an hour to shop today. Red is zonked after having to endure also her 3 hour play practice when we got home.

Gifts? An hour drive, but we hit the jackpot as far as selection. Toys R Us. Thank you!

We found the most adorable, life like baby doll I've ever seen! A bunch of women were surrounding this thing, taking every one off the shelf! I had to get in on that, just to see the rave, and got the last one on the shelf. They said they sold out very early last year and haven't been able to get more.

She falls asleep when you lay her down and snores. When you pick her up, she opens her eyes, blinks a couple times, and says, "Momma. Momma." She coos, gurgles, and talks baby gibberish. She's pretty soft (except for the box in her for sound). But the best thing of all is HER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS CHANGE! Her brow furrows, her eyes seem to squint! She blinks while in upright position. I'm not much into dolls, but it's pretty incredible for $20. As long as my daughter learns to power her down...batteries and all. A battery charger is now on my wish list for Christmas.

Biggest Challenge? Finding Fashion Barbie something or other with pants on and a shawl. She wanted the one where she could have a matching purse with Barbie, well Barbie should have worn the little purse...it had to have been bigger than the "skirt". I was shocked. I asked the sales girl where they were...they've been the rage on commercials here this week. I said, "Well, I can't get her that...do you have any with clothes on?" Yeah, it was that bad...it wasn't just the long legs either. And it wasn't just the length...as if that weren't enough, it was the tone... street walker Barbie. Geez. My gal is gonna be seven here!

My Little Pony playdough so she can grow the horse some hair. Yeah, I know it gets stopped up in all the little holes and you can never get it out. I forgot. Suckered by the buy one get one half off sale. No wonder it was on sale. But, the Strawberry Shortcake one looked pretty durable.

Hit some Christmas too. Now I'm ahead! A digital camera of her own. I can't wait. She'll LOVE it. She wants to waste disposables and get them developed and I just can't afford printing that many, um, creative and spontaneous shots. And a Bella Dancer Part 2 Disco with an outfit...she can learn to get down and boogie. Don't know if that will be birthday or Christmas yet.

Dad got her a new pink bike I've not seen.

Starting to sound fun, thank goodness!

And I still need to hit Wal*Mart tomorrow. Third shopping trip with Red in three days. (Somebody prepare me a chocolate IV drip right now! Dove Chocolate...calling my name. Listen closely, you can hear it, too. Have on one me. And fortunately, in this case, you have to use your own stash! I'm a little protective of my Dove.)


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