I wish I knew better how to do this whole ministry thing.

Another day goes by...someone on my heart. How to connect? How to take the first step?
Make myself vulnerable enough. Be ready to be there.

God goes with me. Psalm 139 says He goes "behind me, in front of me. He has placed His hand on me."

He doesn't get much closer than that!

So what am I waiting for?

I read last week that He will open ways to allow me to speak his ways before Kings... unafraid, unashamed.

So, here I am...needing to share, knowing there is no way He wants anything less, yet waiting for just the right moment... as if the sun has to be in alignment with the fourth star of the seventh moon or something.

Lord, I'm willing. Just show me how. Show me your time. Your way. The only way! The only time! I'm listening....have a headache, am stressed. But, I'm listening. Help me do what you want. Do it soon!

Help me share your hope, your joy.


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