Let Me Have a 'C'

Scrapbooked one page off and on this weekend--my "new" little cheerleader dressed for her Winter Exhibition at school. Wanted to do something special for her on it. I sewed around the picture with gold thread with my sewing machine.

Yes...I sewed on paper. No, I'm really not that desperate for something meaningful to do. Okay, so maybe I am. Anyway, it thrills me to capture the moments meaningfully. And to doodle with a gel pen. And to play with ink. and to have funky scissors.

Okay...I hear you.

Just enjoy!


esm said...

Awesome page! Enjoy your creative outlet! My daughter had been captivated by my feeble attempts at scrapping lately. You know I have not done any new pages in quite some time, she just enjoys looking at the old ones...over and over...and over again. She even enjoys her brother's book. So sorry I did not see the invite for pie earlier!

Brandi said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm used to being notified by email when comments are made (different journal program), so I forget to check for new ones!

I really, really enjoy your blog. Thanks for adding me back. :)

OH and also, I love so much the idea of scrapbooking. I love the idea so much I have $84580473545 worth of scrapbooking suplies that I have purchased over the past five years, and exactly one completed page. It's not even in a book.