Wisdom from My Trash Can

Here goes an unusual brand of Monday morning wisdom:

If the trashbag is on the trash can too tight, a balloon forms inside the can not allowing an empty 18 egg container to go to the bottom. The bag seems full. Little else fits. You can shove and shove, but it won't go down. The bag is "full". Yet, it is not.

It is a fresh bag.

My trash can spoke to me on a spiritual level.

If we are too uptight...not enough "fits in us". Not as much as we were made to handle.
Solution? Take the lid off, pull on the rim, and let the air out trapped under the bottom of the bag.

In essence, loosen up. Don't be so uptight. Then, we can hold everything we were made to hold. We have room to be "filled up" as we were intended.

Loosen up!

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Misty said...

Boy, do I need to do that! I've been making myself lay down each afternoon for a few minutes just to relax every muscle in my body. It really takes concentration when I'm really tense...and I woke up with a headache and kept it all day today. Ugh!