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"Some embedded streaming media [I assume they are referring to Yahoo news and CNN news pages] use Active X controls to invoke the windows Media Player. ActiveX is an Internet Explorer plug-in technology that does not normally run on Mozilla or Firefox. "

I have this week seen fit to instal Mozilla Firefox browser combination with my old Google full toolbar reinstalled on top of it. I like Google's ease of use better. The new grey "Skin" I found looks great on the computer. It runs a bit slower than Explorer on my new Windows Media HP computer. However, the security features are great, and once I get used to each web page being "tabbed" at the top of the screen, I will be able to toggle back and forth and close each page individually easier than with Explorer.

However, viewing news on CNN with Firefox, I ran into some problems. I reinstalled Windows Media [vs. 10] to make sure there was no problem there.

Here is the answer to that...the way they use Active X and plug-ins. I'm still not sure I've figured out where or not to try to get it working, if it's worth the risk, or how to do it from the article, but like Prego, I think "it's in there."

I recommend the use of Firefox over Explorer. But, it seems there is a bit of a learning curve in some areas.

Windows Media Player - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

Hope that's useful to you if you struggle with malware as much as I have. Most of us know about Adaware by now to help with that, but still labor intensive in my view.


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