Cup of Hot

Currently drinking: Biltmore mix in CranApple Juice.



It surprises me how good it really is EVERY time.
Get some by calling 1-800-968-0558. or at http://biltmore.com/

So, on a cold winter's day, when when you need/want a moment to yourself to refresh, your favorite hot drink(s) of choice currently is (are): _________________

I really want to know. No particular reason. Just curious.

Have a hot drink...It's on me--Grab an afgan, a book, and relax.


tunz4jesus said...

4 shot espresso machiato from Starbucks, they know me by name.

Anonymous said...

Wow....you have a starbucks?

4 shot machiato....sounds dangerous.


tunzjesus said...

It is a rare treat since I gave up caffiene, but yeah I love em. Could be why I don't sleep a lot!

Hey,I am looking for easy to transport, cool birthday treats. My girls turn 18 and 11 on Tuesday. Even the Sr. wants to take treats...I figured you might have some great ideas.

Anonymous said...

1. You have girls with the same birthday? Funky.

2. Wow. Cool. I assume you are wanting to take something to school or somoething?

My kids are preschoolers, so "cool" for them is preordered cupcakes from Wal*Mart. I call ahead a few days, they make them up, I deliver. Easy. Or, I've done sugar cookies the same way. Or order pizza for their class for lunch.

Other ideas?


Misty said...

Haven't been around for a while since the Zoo Tycoon 2 addiction struck me :) I love hot drinks. I'm a coffee person. Currently Folgers Colombian roast with just a bit of creamer. I also love Celestial seasonings green tea and they have several different varieties of them. For bedtime, nothing beats Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea...sooo relaxing. Yummy mint and chamomile flavors. No sugar in my tea or coffee. I figure it saves some calories and now I like it better unsweetened. Of course, I occasionally love the traditional hot chocolate with marshmallows. Yum.

esm said...

For a an occasional treat I love french vanilla cappucino. Usually get those when my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I go shopping. Girls day out treat. For a make-at-home version, I add Splenda and French vanilla Cool Whip to coffee. I also enjoy "boutique juice." I think I told you about it, but for the benefit of others it is a Tang, instant tea, lemondade, cinnamon, and cloves, mix that you add to hot water. I think it is commonly known as Friendship Tea.