Feeling Hit

This seems to be the week for me to feel inadvertently offended to the core of my persona.  Fun.  Did I mention we are studying spiritual warfare?  Never fails.  What I'll chaulk it up to.  And my response will be based on that...not the person, not the statement, not the hurt. 
For, on a Sunday, you just never know whether you are just to sensitive (in touch with your creative self), worn out...or, if it needs to be pursued relationally. 
I used to pursue every relational glitch and make sure I was okay with people.  At this point in life, I pursue offenses/offending less.  Why?  Well, often, especially with other creative people especially it seems, it just seems to emphasize and exacerbate an issue or problem rather than heal or lead to understanding.  It seems to create in me a defensiveness rather than a deeper love.  I seldom come away with a better understanding, rather usually, more digs to my psyche. 
If I've hurt someone young in the faith, it's different, but the more mature people get, the more I depend on prayer, grace, and wait on maturity.  I bite down and keep going. 
I make my share of mistakes.  But, I think we can have an anticipation that we will be sharpened somehow without feeling like we've been kicked in the teeth...on new stuff anyway.  Sometimes, we get deaf to certain issues, areas, or problems through neglect or hardening of our hearts, and we NEED a kick in the teeth.  
For those of you who I've given pep talks in regard to overcoming, stay pepped.  Keep pursuing your ministry and your role. 
For those of you continually worn down in you psyche by little darts that make you feel like you will never measure up no matter how much you try, and that barre keeps getting raised just enough to surprisingly konk you in the head when you least expect it? 
Rest with me. 
Know that God loves you in your imperfection. 
Let others love you. 
Let God deal with you there as He needs to, in His time.
But, don't base your worth or identity on it all.

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tunz4jesus said...

Right on, sister. God loves me in my imperfection, He doesn't plan on me making a home there, but he knows the address. The moment I rest on my laurels God is prompting me to move toward Him. All for His glory. See how great our God is, He can even use a leaky pot like me. Blessing for a restful day,