Agree with Satan?

Today was a day of sorting, resting...napping, a lot.

Some days, you just need to wash it all out. Today was one of those days.

Found a concept tonight in Francis Francipagne's classic book on spiritual warfare called The Three Battlegrounds that struck a chord in me.

Fracipane says accurately that it is Satan's goal to accuse you day and night...to take whatever opportunity he has to clobber you senseless. He recommends rather than arguing with accusations he might make (over and over), or becoming defensive, angry, frustrated, or depressed...to simply agree with him. (We battle not against flesh and blood).

For example:

"You are probably right about me. I have many faults...ones I don't like. But, thank God, I am STILL being perfected to the day of Christ Jesus--it is not about how 'good' I am. Never has been, never will be. AND, in the meantime, until He chooses to deal with it completely in me, I am STILL covered in the righteousness of Christ. He will deal with it...I trust Him to."

Interesting. I'm ready to stop defending myself inwardly or worrying that I'll never be like Christ or that anyone can see any growth in me, or know my heart. Who cares? They have bad days, too. The fact is...the fact!

Thank you, Jesus. For taking the focus off me and helping me stay focused in faith on you. The victory you want to work in me, irregardless of the storm, the scoffers, the wind and waves. You are there, and you bid me to walk out to you on the water. FAITH. Fun.


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