Sprarkle Girl

My girl HAS to be comfie, but loves the bling!

Not just "dressy", but blingy!

Mr. Wonderful and I had SO much fun picking out some sale clothes for her for the year while on our date last night. It was a "working date"...which every couple needs. If you've not had one...try it. He's done it enough times, he's gotten past rolling his eyes and actually enjoys finding things that are going to light Goldilocks up from head to toe for months on end.

If you have not discovered, you are missing out on one of the greater joys life.

Great quality--washes forever without losing color or pile.

AND....The clothes lines often coordinate, so you can get one pair of pants and find three or four tops to mix and match.

My daughter told me lately...Mom, EVERYTHING from my drawer is from
Children's Place Even MY PAJAMAS!

Yup. I like those, too.

Go to
Children's Place. Winter sale, 50% off lowest price.

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