Site Notes

1. Our mystery trip is now revealed; I'm leaving "Resolutions" on top. Scroll down to catch up on that big news there.

2. Fixed my blog sidebar today. Thanks esm. (Note to bloggers: if you use a "paragraph divider" in your text that looks like this: "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" , for some reason, that text entry does not "scroll" to the next line, messing up your blog margins if you let it go beyond normal margines. Shorten it and your sidebar re-appears. Figured that out myself, thank you very much. No charge. Free info to make your life sing.

3. Another factoid that took me four hours, a headache, and a phonecall to get.

If you want to use "LightScribe" to burn CD covers, while "LightScribe" may be stickered all over your computer, and the web link may take you to "LightScribe"...you can only OPEN the software to run under SonicExpress Labeler (note lack of words "LightScribe" anywhere. Geez.) A search for LightScribe not useful, nor is HPs website, nor LightScribe's website. Thanks R.C. Friends...now THOSE come in handy.

4. Finally, and most importantly, NEWSFLASH: Son called to share with pastor this AM...the next baptism was scheduled for THIS SUNDAY! He'll give his profession from the baptistry pool...how cool is THAT?

He'll be baptized by his Dad (an ordained deacon) and will take his first communion... which also happens to be schedule for this Sunday. He's elated about that.

Both my brothers will miraculously be in, and I think Grandma is going to try to come out for the first time since her accident. A ShaBang day!!!! My Dad said he will try to come...that would be really awesome.



terrible speller said...

That is so AWESOME!!!

Sarah Jenkins said...

That is so wonderful! I know you are so grateful, happy, elated...and thankful to God. Sunday's going to be an awesome day for your family. I enjoy reading your blog. I was in town last week and wanted to stop by (your house looked beautiful) but didn't have the time. It was quite busy as I'm sure you were too. Enjoy your week!