At War, with thanks

I have come to the determination that Sunday nights have to be my least favorite time of the week. I know all God made is good, and I'm looking for a way to be thankful for it...but, I realize, tonight, that I just currently am not that fond of it. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow...it's his birthday. All of us have the day off, and he doesn't. Of couse, he wouldn't TAKE the day off...that would be worse torture than just working given his Mondays.

A great weekend. Lots of fun and smiles and family. Then Monday.

I'm really working on the spiritual warfare element of "thanksgiving", and I have to say, it rocks. Generally speaking, I just think too many unthankful thoughts, let my mind do it's own little pesky thing too often, and don't listen to what all is in their enough at all. I tried it one morning last week. From the time I got up, I determined every thought would be turned into a thankful thought. Well, I had a mile high stack of thankful pancakes getting flopped over that day!

I had no idea.

So, let's see:

Thank you, my Lord and God, that you give me precious weekends, and that you give me vibrant Sunday mornings of worship and that you give me restful Sunday nights of worship.

Thank you that I can enjoy the call of where you have me right now in my life.

Thank you that you have given me my heart's desire in what I am attempting to do (and I risk unthankful spirit saying, doing it not nearly as well as I'd like most days.) But, I thank you that I can trust you to teach me and take me where I need to go. I thank you that you are increasing in me a heart to listen and learn.

I thank you for my weaknesses, for they give opportunity for you to show grace (let me never abuse that principle). But, I thank you that you can change me, and change in me things others don't like, in your time, when you want to, when my weaknesses can no longer be used for your glory. And you promise that everything in me can be redeemed, so I know that even the faults and weaknesses and things about me I hate are there for a reason, being refined, but being used by you as I offer myself up.

Forgive me for stray thoughts that don't glorify you, Lord. Help me learn to truly know and understand what it is to be a "warrior". To "fight". Taking every thought captive to the knowledge of Christ.

And thank you for chocolate.

And for the will to eat less of it!


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