Selah Moment

Today, trying to do whatever I can to help my sick husband not feel so behind. He was sick all night and had to work today.

Took out five trips of trash to the burn pile from Christmas to be burned, paid some taxes, went to the grocery for meds and food.

Red was great company, racing me. Played Playstation 2 with him.

Got boxes out of the barn to store Christmas stuff away.

Caught up on correspondence.

Prayed with my journal...back to pen and paper...basics. Felt good. Clears my mind to see ink flow, alone with the Lord.

Setting some goals for myself.

Keep moving.

Decided to stop counting "regular chores" as "goals"...to keep doing them and add some larger tasks this week to try to get ahead.

Still have to do MasterLife today. On to that now. Nothing exciting, entertaining, or noteworthy in particular. Just an update on the day. A selah moment. (selah, psalm term, means, "to pause and think about it"). So, my selah moment being over, I will go work-lah.


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