Sunday Fashion

1. Today I had to sit on the next to the last row at church so that my 4 yr. old with bladder control issues could make it out to the potty. And out, and out, and out, and out, and out. FIVE times!

2. Tonight, he seemed better...only out twice.

3. Due to my husband getting calls all night long for work, I was up basically all night. About 3 hours sleep. So, I took a long nap today, and now HTML code seems interesting at midnight ...because I cannot sleep.

4. Note: Worship is very different from the very back of the church. Much like going to a fun outdoor concert and choosing to sit on a blanket in the back of the crowd instead of being up close to the stage...you know, where you can see sweat dripping off the stage...arms waving, people dancing. Energy! A different, but interesting experience. The blanket worshipper. Sprawled out, comfortable. Just listening. Hmmm.

I wondered...do we just think people back there are "unparticipatory"? Maybe they think they can't sing...maybe they have kids who need room to play and make noise. Maybe they don't feel connected enough to go closer. Maybe they don't even really know they are there to worship at all, or what that means. Do we let them wonder closer on their own....a bit closer, a bit closer, a bit closer? Or do we say, "You know what? Blankets are okay for some."

Some of both I suppose.

I saw the disconnected, those with children, those who "observe" church...(what everyone is wearing. gasp. To wear their new favorite outfit. double gasp!)

I swear...I do not tell a lie...I was at a rather fashionable boutique this winter to pick up something for a date night. The sales lady is trying to explain to me why a tank top is made with a huge triangular hole in the shoulder. She says, "Oh, all the girls are wearing them. They wear them under blue jean jackets". Hmph. I say.

I'm just not really getting the whole thing...just doesn't appeal to me. Tank tops, I can handle. Forget the extra thing to fight with ...my four year old handles hanging off me. My bra strap falls down enough as is...I really don't need my shirt feeling like it's falling off, too.

Anyway, I'm shaking my head. She is like 65. She then says to me, "You haven't seen the girls at your church wearing them?"

I said, "Well, no, I don't really pay attention."

She is literally shocked. "You mean you haven't seen the girls running around 'that church of yours' wearing these?"

Okay. End of the line. "No...I do not pay attention". End of discussion.

I bought a cotton leisure suit and a tank.

Now, my point is: I do try to stay in the right century. I wear pants to church. I wear jeans...working up to faded jeans at times, though I'm usually very tired and wanting to express my need to relax and chill when I do so. My husband doesn't like faded jeans to church. Wants the kids to learn wearing right clothes for the right occassion sort of thing. Respect.

But, I just do not go to church trying to figure out what everyone is wearing! I frankly do not care-- unless I need to pray over what somebody chose to wear. At times, somebody may have had to pray over what I wore, I don't know. I hope not, but it happens short of a hobbit (which I have considered at times with the vague complaint feedback we get being on stage at times. We don't know know who wore 'the thing' that offended, what exactly it was, and we don't know the person who issused complaints or to whom they were referring. We try to respond as much as we can and make sure we are not distracting.)

In any case (my husband just sighed and shut the bedroom door...I guess I type LOUD when I am typing about something stressful. I need to get to bed. Now 12:24AM and I'm the driver to school tomorrow. Still not sleepy. Need chocolate. Found a bag of Rolos today in the cabinet. Uh oh.)

Back to topic. Here's the deal: I enjoy people who are put together in what they feel comfortable in. I like it when we all don't try so hard. I like it when women wear colors that make them look alive. About all I notice. The rest? I couldn't care less. I don't notice weight. You could lose 40 pounds and someone would have to tell me before I caught on. I'm just more interested in the light in your eyes. Your joy. Your well being.

So, that's what I notice. Get right with God. Let Him love you. Bask in the beauty He made in you. That's what I'm looking for in people on a Sunday. That's what I see. (I don't even care how talented you are). Otherwise, the fashion, the talent, the whatever... is a mask, a coverup, a wall to hide behind. If you have both...it pales in comparison anyway.

There's your pep talk for the week on that.

To beautiful, perfect sleep that takes wrinkles away! :-)

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tunz4jesus said...

Thanks for the pep talk, I needed it. I have been working on living the fruits of the spirit. I feel like a fruit salad, not really walking in any of it the way I wish I could.