The RaNdOm aNd UnUsUal

1. Yesterday, it snowed in Hawaii according to CNN...two roads were closed to volcanic mountains. The CNN reporter read this squinting her eyes, quite confused.

2. Last week, we had such a trying week, I bought my family roses.

3. At Upward cheerleading, they wanted to squeeze in a second practice this week for Thursday night.

To which I said, "I'm sorry, I know I can't make it, I have a date."

Huge intake of breath around all the mothers in the room followed by whispers and laughs.

I was starting to get a little uncomfortable with it all when someone finally broke the tension and said, "I'm sorry, but what's 'a date'?"

A wonderful moment.

Actually, he's got a training meeting in "the big city". I get to shop while hubby gets smart. I like this! We talk on the drive, we both get something meaningful done, and I get to BROWSE for the first time in a LONG, long time...TOO long.

4. "Red" has an issue. 25-30Xs a day he's been going to the potty to pee.

Anybody with input I would love to hear from. No pain, not bother...just can't hold in anything. No big deal until we try to cross town.

Tried Benadryl recommended by the pediatrician. Clear urine test. Suspect a new type of bubble bath.

5. The whole diet/exercise thing? Doing the best I can with a squashed tailbone. Which is NOTHING. Trying to eat well and give up...ugggh... some chocolate...some. For those of you who know me you think I could be blown away with the next wind, but I know how my jeans fit.

6. My kids are having a cool "penny war" at school. No joke...I counted like 3500 pennies last night. So, here's how it works (GREAT and easy fund raiser!). Pennies and dollar bills count TOWARD your class. All silver coins count AGAINST other classes...these are "bombs".

The class who nets the most wins a day OUT OF SCHOOL! They are so into it.

We've had a huge jar we've been throwing random counter change into for six years. There was $35.00 worth of pennies in that thing! It was only a quarter of the way full...I was thinking like maybe 6-7 in pennies. Amazing. We had stacks of ten pennies lined up all over the house.

So, as I dropped my penny-laden kids off at school this morning, my daughter is yelling at me: "But, MOM, I NEED some BOMBS!!!! It's more fun to BOMB!" Got to love that Christian education.


7. My Song of the Week:
*click to hear part at iTunes...but you have to buy it to hear the awesome bridge
*the great lyrics at http://www.klove.com/lyrics/lyrics.asp?2427


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esm said...

Trying to figure out what that was on the "healthy plate"....?????