My Contemporary Christian Music Pics

(Added Note: All song links have been updated)
Here are some of my fav in inspiring Contemporary Christian Music right now (other than the worship most of us know and do at church.) Most here are relatively or very new, some unheard or undiscovered (as of yet!)

I know...you are getting excited just thinking about it.

I included the iTunes links so that you can preview. For those of you new to iTunes, it's $.99 a piece, legal, need iTunes software loaded on a computer running at least XP.

Here are enough for a pretty full CD --a great CD. Lots of acoustic guitar and worshippful stuff...much could go into worship I think.

Buy it and burn it in the order pace you like. I do a workout CD when I burn them...10-15 of fast music, 10-15 of moderate, 10-15 of slow cool down and weights.

Enjoy! Very much a winter's break, and yes, again, it's legal.

Using Mozilla Firefox browser, a scarey looking message comes up asking you if you trust the external application. Yes, you trust iTunes...click yes.

I guarantee you won't be disappointed...well, you get to preview. Song previews are 30 seconds (obviously, not as good as the whole song, but a great flavor to see if it's remotely up your alley....which, it will be. I have faith.)

We all know I pick good music, so why wouldn't it be great?

Let me know if you have any trouble and what you think. Get ready for some good stuff! New artists.


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