National Anthem, etc.

Well, I can't get my camera or my disc to work today, so heartwarming pics will have to follow at a later date. Technology.

In other news, a high point of the week: Yesterday, I was asked to sing the National Anthem at the Upward games.

You can't appreciate the gravity, joy, or responsibility unless you've ever done it! Am I right?

Someone told me after I sang that comedy channel that morning had dubbed thoughts of some famous famous person as they sang it...I completely identified! It goes like this:
"Where am I? Have I already sang this part? What's the next line? I hope this was an appropriate outfit. Surely I'll remember the words. (and the infamous) Oh no, I think I started to high for the last high note...should I try to switch keys, or hold out (ALWAYS HOLD OUT and breathe deep!) How do you cover a mistake with the National Anthem anyway?" For me, add: "I hope my child doesn't need to pee right when I start, or panic, or scream, or get stage fright standing here, or pull my pants down tugging at me, or try to talk to me. "

Overall, I think it went well considering the many perils and dangers involved! I recruited one gentlemen to take him while I sang...he disappeared somewhere on the trail to the stage area. I don't blame him. He ran all the way across the gym floor, united with brother, and held his hand throughout. Thank God for small wonders! After that, we trecked the full lenth of the court 10 times minimum to take him to the bathroom.

The doc thinks he's constipated, causing sudden urge and pressure. This week is all about fiber around my house!


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