Today...little friend's first birthday party. What a hoot! I have a lifelong resolution to attend as many 1 yr. old birthday parties as possible. Just doesn't get any better than that.

I literally walked into the party and this lady says, "Oh, my GOSH! Good to see you. I'm addicted!" And I knew it must be "Cheryl". How cool is that? And weird! She knew all about my kids...and I've been to parties their before, but this year...we felt like, well, family. So much joy in that house today.

Enjoyed meeting you Cheryl. If you didn't work, you might have your own blog! I hope you do someday. You don't have to post nearly as much as I tend to sitting at home bored, trying to connect with the world!

Friends are a great thing to have...old and new.

Well, after two Upward games and a birthday party, I'm pooped.

Heartwarming pics tomorrow.

Scrapbooking, Batman Begins, and Madagascar tonight.



Misty said...

So glad you all came! It was a great party! I'm working on getting pics on my blog. My poor neglected blog :(

Cheryl said...

I had such a great time Saturday. Your kids have such good manners. I kept hearing them say "thank you" and "excuse me". They are such delights to be around. Maybe one of these days I will get a blog going. Until then I will just enjoy yours.