Foo-Foo Dresses

We decided since Goldilocks is turning 8 this year, we'd better maximize the foo-foo component, because we are getting close to "the end". She's had a gold Cinderella type dress she's nearly worn to death from last winter. So, for Spring, a genuine "Cinderella" label dress. The
mauve to get her OUT of the Easter dress, and the black velvet for next Christmas. (I don't buy red velveet "Christmas dresses"--she can wear them all winter.)

Guys are freaking out with my blog today.

Sorry. This is a day of sharing my joy. Note how much joy you can give your wife. Aaaaaah. I love to have some needful shopping done.

Dillards. 50% off regular price, 30% off of that. So, not too awful bad for 'special dresses'. I know ESM...you'd have a coupon and get another 15% off or something sickening!

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esm said...

I haven't gotten to do any shopping lately, other than the madatory groceries. I think I may be suffering from Mall withdrawal! So happy you found so many pretty things. Enjoy!