Google's Biggest Loss Ever


Google sees its largest 1-day loss ever on investor concern - Jan. 20, 2006

Interesting story today on Google's stocks falling, shortly after Yahoo surpisingly reported earnings below expectations Tuesday.

An interesting story there on Google regarding it's response to the Justice Department in trying to identify searches on the net for things like child pornography. They claim they would disclose too much company information to do so, etc. etc. Trying to regulate the internet sounds like a big task. I sure wish we could do a better job handling the defamation of the innocent. Not having school/public library internet filters on the basis of free rights ammendments baffles me still. Somebody has their logic messed up. With BellSouth, we can filter whatever types of content is inappropriate and leave others. I have enjoyed the flexibility with that.

AOL? There internet filter is a joke. And, I can't figure out whey they designate every profile I was to establish with a filter on the account as "child" with juvenile graphics. Insulting. Even BellSouth does this. Even as an adult, I don't want certain materials and images at fingertips in my homes. Even the most innocent, self controlled, and well guarded people get curious, and there is the door. Ladies, we are to be keepers of our homes in areas like this according to Proverbs 31. To diligently oversee our households. If you aren't up on this stuff: funnybandaids@email.com will reach me to see how you can set things up in your household to watch what goes on better.

TV...an area we still need to work on in our home.

Back to subject: I guess I just assumed ditigally speaking, the government pretty much had access to whatever it wanted at this point, legal or not. The whole "big brother" thing.

For instance, a friend of ours has had his firewall show blocks from the government trying to hack his computer for whatever information. He's of no threat, just emails a lot. Who knows?

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