SNL Skit


This link is circling around the webring. I'd be remiss to keep from sharing it with you if you missed it on SNL. You'll want to see it.

Click here to view. Takes a few minutes to load, but you can do other things and will hear it from "minimized" when it's ready to start.

I'll save my comments for the comment form later, along with any you might have. Don't want to ruin it for you.

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Misty said...

Loved the skit. I totally got it. Seems like a lot of televangelists are out for their own agendas. I think it's amazing how they claim to know the will of God and proclaim how God is judging people by sending hurricanes or earthquakes, etc. How completely egotistical and unBiblical is that? They should not be proclaiming God's will unless God came down and told them point blank that such and such happened for a reason. Done with that rant. Anyone else?