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Today I am going to backtrack and talk about things I should have blogged about instead of whining about being an emotional female in a nonperfect world with imperfect people.

Okay. So...
(I just got an email that the highly criticized new series "Book of Daniel" was cancelled due to efforts of Christians. I hear ratings were just terrible, which didn't hurt).

1. My Dad came to my son's baptism with his wife! Praise God. All my family filled two or three rows in center section, second row. I played keys that week. Dad got to hear me play, came to talk to me on stage for a second afterward (while I was trying to play...always lovely). I asked him to stay until we got down with post music. He did. We talked a while, my brother hung around. (Mom and her husband slipped out and let me have space with him.) Everyone was cool. I think he found our church much different than he left it. Wow. Has it changed!

2. Things are resolved some with my daughter's school stuff. I'm still working with her.

3. My husband is worried that our four year old is behind developmentally because he is not yet reading and writing his name. So, I'll be getting on that. I guess I had our other two going by now. I just never want him to grow up!!!!

3. This Sunday was a great worship service. I was asked to help pick music and develop the theme-- hard. The sermon topic was on the scripture, "No prophet is welcome in his own hometown" from Luke 4. Neither of us knew exactly where to go. We finally decided on ministry, boldness, letting God build you into who he wants you to be. As of last week, we still had "the element" missing. Something to pull it all together and solidify things. We looked for a couple videos with no luck.

So, as far as I knew...we really didn't have anything. We go into worshiop and our worship leader got real and shared his own testimony, pulling from deep within himself... "rags to riches" in God's eyes.

He went right into Casting Crown's "The Voice of Truth" with him soloing backed by the band--we just learned it this week. Wow. His testimony made a defining moment. Then, he had the people stand and sing with him "The Way that I Was Made". (If you've got a strong male voice...your band has to do that song. It just gets to people....err, gets to ME.)

I'm gonna life like there's no tomorrow
I'm gonna dance like no one's around
I'm gonna sing like nobody's listening
Til I lay my body down

I'm gonna give like I have plenty
I'm gonna love like I'm not afraid
I'm gonna be the man I was made to be
I'm gonna be the way I was made

3. Upward has started. I'm the official photographer.

The first week, I accidentally sent a disc to the newspaper showing me getting my hair highlighted (my daughter playing with my cam) rather than the player pics. It was SO BAD I'm almost too embarrassed to show you.

You know that plastic cap they tie around your head to pull hair through? You look like you are getting electric shock. Well, my hair was pulled out of that, sticking straight out of my head, bleached to a perfect yellow at the moment of this particular shot.

A family member calls me from the newspaper and says..."My editor says you don't want these pics in the paper."

So, yes, I'm very capably approaching my new responsiblities.

Bonded with the editor over it I guess...got a full page article and pics. Happiness.

4. Given that track record, I've been asked to write the devotions for Upward Soccer for the second year. In soccer, you don't exactly have "half time" like you do basketball, and can't really do a speaker on the field. So, we decided to write.

A publishing feat. I'll be trying to approach "seekers". Proofing it/graphics take me forever, but an honor to do it--I'll enjoy it.

Well, I need to tackle that laundry room some more. Three more "zones" to go. I've broken it into twelve distinct zones...one a day. It will be beautiful. (uggh.)


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