Converting to Sugar

Tonight has been so boring I thought about emailing myself. Hubbie had late meetings and the day lasted an eternity. Daughter didn't get home until 4:30.

I know. I pray for "hunger", then freak out when I start to feel...bored? Took me like eight hours to make any connection whatsoever between the two. I'm rather slow.

In the meantime... played Sonic Playstation II with Red for half an hour-- until I could beat him on occasion. I can now beat a four year out on occassion.

Started taking down Christmas trees now that Navy brother has gone home. Dropped a glass ball down two stories, hitting both floors, shattering mercilessly 8-10 foot swaths. How that is possible, I still don't know. I'll be on the search for glass for days.

Wonder Boy is caught up on his school work. Ever wonder how they do all the work in like an hour and we send them to school all day? Go homeschoolers. If it weren't for his imperative need to talk and learn and ask questions constantly, I'd keep him home.
So, Hubbie tells me last night I'd been writing some good blogs lately.

What?! Nonchalantly I say, "Oh yeah, which ones, I thought you said you lost the address." When did he find the address? I invited him to read, but he seldom has time, and I didn't think he'd been reading it. Not that it matters, but it's just a freaky feeling sometimes-- to not know who you are "talking to". You just don't think about it. Then someone comments and you think...what did I say last week?

He said, "Those are good, I can see how they would bless people, if anyone reads. "

Okay, so a lot of you do much better as this thing than I do audience-wise, but I was so proud to tell him it's up to about 430 hits a month now. I know, a lot of you get like a hundred a day or something surreal, but hey, this is me, stay at home mom with like...okay, so what do I even talk about? I don't even know.

Even more cool to me than that is...some friends have started giving it a run. I must say, doing an even better job that I do. I'll list them soon. I love it. It's like giving birth to a...okay, so that like, didn't work at all. I was going to say cyberbaby, but that is just weird. Anyway. some friends are blogging, and it's cool.

I'm moving from cookies/chocolate down to candy/chips/raw sugar today. Leftover RUNTS from the kids Christmas, leftover CandyCorn from fall...okay, I did eat two truffles and drank gourmet hot chocolate. But, I AM cutting back. I'm on it. I'm totally getting back into health food, very soon. Cookbooks tomorrow. If I have time. No, seriously...soon.

About all the excitement I can stand for one day. Keep on!

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