Don't you love it when your days have gotten a little too "on you" and God just gives you some time to PLAY? Balance. He's SO good at it.

Yesterday it was good to get out of the house, do some things different, and yes, PLAY!

"Life"? Yeah, it still creeps in...but I was in a much better mood for it after playing a while! Someone called me for a lunch date, and it was good to just get out of the house and be somewhere else. Lunch happened to be fantastic! Great chocolate mousse cake to boot!
I bought a book this week called "The Sonoma Diet". I'm liking it...mainly because it follows what I was taught in dietary/nutrition classes in college, and the type of diet I like to follow anyway when I'm enjoying eating the most. No guilt. Eat great tasting foods that are good for you, enjoy them, enjoy eating.

This book says "enjoy the sensuosness for it's pleasure!". Who'd argue with that! Seriously, not letting go of that element of enjoyment with eating, even when you are needing to eat more healthy foods. No weird mixes or poweders or gravel food.

I've never proclaimed myself to be on a diet at any point in my life. But, I have, at times, made goals of eating foods I know are better for me and working out more. Those two goals have kept my weight under pretty decent control and I don't spend my life miserable "dieting". I'm just eating better than most people...and there is a level of healthy pride that can push you in that.

I know metabolism and other hereditary factors come into play, likely making it more difficult for some people. But, it IS fun to eat good foods! I like re-reading what current health foods are considered to be...what research says is best for us at present...what type of oils and fats and sugars are best goals. And then, we can make informed choices that taste good, and cook well! I want to protect my family in this way, not setting them up to fail. Currently, too many processed foods in this house. (But ,with sour cream, you have to have chips!!!! Okay, so I've still got work to do.)

Sometimes, we just like to ignore the facts and excuses ourselves. Here's the thing. We act like high fat foods are the only enjoyable foods. Not true! We are just missing out on a lot of good tasting food! We could eat all day long on that type of food.

I hear of people all the time who say they "hardly eat anything", but will guzzle enough large gulp cokes to drown a person in one day. Add a few cookies and you're on such a sugar high that you won't ever be hungry for good food. We emotionally meet some need, but really feel lazy and awful the rest of the day, not even realizing it.

Diabetics don't know the different in sugar, starch, and natural glucose, and we don't either! We'd pay big bucks for some dietary or herbal supplement to help us loose weight, but won't learn how to eat to look and feel better. We live in a strange generation.

Working on providing great snack substitutes--new habits. It's fun.
Working out? Not going so well. Did work out twice last week.
Bible study? Got my week's work done. Went to study. Guess what? Turns out I'm a week ahead! So, no wonder God wasn't helping me not get behind. You are KIDDING me.

Actually, I expected it to be boring. It was on basic spiritual warfare. Day 5, almost didn't do, but that day's study whapped me upside the head. Simple concept I've heard before...in warfare...newsflash... GOD WANTS YOU TO WIN! HE WANTS YOU TO WALK IN VICTORY...not defeat.

I didn't realize how little I was applying that until I let the concept of victory "take over my mind" when I woke up yesterday. Wow! What a difference! So much of the time, I live life in "demo mode". I mean, know Jesus will win, as in a video game after you put the real quarter in-- He HAS won! But, my exercise feels, at times, like God wanting us to practice, but not particularly ending it or letting us feel the victory of a "level won". So much NOT God! We serve a God of victory, celebration, rejoicing, pride in a healthy way. Pride in Christ, and all He can help us do in Him. He really wants us to experience, daily, FEELING the victory of the win! But I wasn't living that way. Not enjoying daily victories in Him enough...not CREATING them nearly enough! Just getting apathetic and tired. Not yesterday!

We don't know when the game counts! EVERY DAY, He wants and intends for us to WIN, in everything! To be victors. Overcomers! Triumphing! On top of it all...no matter how seemingly unimportant or mundane pr big our "mountain" is! Mountains are for moving, by faith.

Yesterday, I decided to warfare in my little world and do something about what I could, thank him and praise him instead of listening to my own natural little complaining, grumpy recorder that tends to take over if I'm not thankful.

What a difference! Do what I can, leave the rest in His hands.

What a fun day!

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esm said...

If you come up with some good, healthy snacks for kids, let me know. Still struggling with that. My kids are non-veggie and non-fruit eaters. (They do eat some veggies with meals, but I they won't choose carrots and dip for a snack). I am trying to change that. Went to the grocery store today and did not buy the first sugary snack. I have decided weekends will be for treats -- homemade cookies or brownies -- but during the week we will get by without the junk. It is going to be tough for them (and me!). They will either eat healthy or not eat at all. Snack choices will include grapes, apples, bananas, tangerines, raisins, pretzels, Triscuits, Wheat Thins, and graham crackers. Is this mean? I just want them to learn good nutrition early so that it may keep them from having weight and health issues later in life. However, I do not want to deprive them to the point that it pushes them to those things. I want them to enjoy cookies, etc. But, I want it to be a treat, not the norm. Help!!